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NEW! Introducing Bounce Back Better®:

Resiliency Skills Education for Individuals and Organizations

Learn the Science of Resilience and Bounce Back -- Better!

Mental toughness keeps you going when you most want to quit. It is the key to unlock success in long-term, massively-challenging endeavors. Until recently, people thought you either had it or you didn’t. But a growing body of breaking research, both in psychology and neuroscience, reveals that mental toughness or “resilience” is not only a mindset that separates those who succeed from those who plateau, but it is also a teachable and buildable skill set. These practical skills are essential for individuals, teams, families, communities, organizations, and businesses that want to flourish and grow.

In this series of workshops, you will learn to:

  • Uncover, build, and practice the mental, emotional, and physical skills of resilience
  • Tap into your existing strengths and resilience, and upgrade them
  • Constructively work through any change or challenge life throws at you
  • Learn to redirect stress before it becomes distress
  • Get unstuck and start living into your real purpose
  • Keep the past in the past
  • Cultivate more positive relationships
  • Make Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) your new norm
  • Develop a positive view of the future that brings you joy and meaning while keeping you motivated to achieve and make a difference

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On-site corporate and organizational training and/or individual and team coaching is available.