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At Better World Organizations, training means committing to the intentional repetitive effort required to meet a big goal -- like running a marathon, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, or spending six months in space! Just like a person would never expect to accomplish a big athletic goal without training his or her heart, lungs, and muscles, nobody could expect deep personal or systemic change without committing to the mental effort, discipline, and conditioning required. If you would like to challenge yourself to become a more purposeful and effective positive change agent in your world, join us for the teaching, training, development, integration, and accountability process offered through the workshop series, Building Positive Organizations. More info...

If you could create positive change in the world, what would it look like?

What conditions would be necessary to sustain this change – at work, at school, or perhaps in your family or community?

Is it possible that each one of us is uniquely positioned to create the conditions which lead to human flourishing?​ If you answered yes, then you already know that positive change is possible… and you know that it doesn’t happen without creating the conditions which allow sustainable change to emerge and flourish.

​To learn how the science of human flourishing, positive psychology, can help create deep transformational change in individuals, groups, and communities, please join Better World Organizations for its workshop series entitled Building Positive Organizations. More info...

TRAIN | DEVELOP | Flourish

Human flourishing is the term positive psychologists use to describe an optimal state of wellness. Six key areas drive the emergence of human flourishing: positive emotion; engagement, positive relationships, meaning and purpose, achievement, and vitality.Just as it is common knowledge today that good nutrition, exercise, and sleep are key to physical health, it will not be long until most people understand that these six areas are key to mental and emotional health. The good news is that all six areas can be developed intentionally, with measureable results.

Positive psychology  research and recent advances in brain science emphasize how we can learn, grow, and change at every stage of our lives, no matter our circumstances or genetic makeup. Positive psychology illuminates how positive beliefs and practices, such as gratitude, forgiveness, and compassion, can expand our emotional and psychological capacity in ways that generate more joy, resilience, mindfulness, and achievement. It is important to recognize that positive psychology is not all about being positive. It is about being flexible, realistic, and equipped. By learning the fundamentals and applications of positive psychology, we hold the keys to unlocking deep systemic change... as individuals, groups, and communities.